Due to the high altitude, most people in the Denver and Boulder area experience areas of darkened pigment on their faces, necks, décolleté, and hands. Hyperpigmentation can be the result of sun exposure, hormonal changes, and injury to the skin, such as through acne scarring. While some are not bothered by it, others feel a little self-conscious about these spots. Makeup can often help, but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem. Vasu Skin Solutions has skincare treatments that can reduce pigment from the face, neck, hands, or anywhere it is bothersome on your body.

Our high-tech Photofacial or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin care treatments effectively lessen areas of dark pigment on your skin. Depending on your needs, our skilled aestheticians can deliver several different kinds of skincare solutions customized for each unique skin type. IPL with RF treatments, DiamondGlow, Thermoclear, and The Perfect Derma Chemical Peels reduce pigmented lesions as well as age spots, and freckles. The results include pigment that appears milder as well as better overall skin tone, texture, and appearance.  Often, the area of concern reduce in just one visit, but clients often need a series of several visits to gain maximum benefit.

Located in Boulder, Vasu Skin Solutions is easily accessible! We make scheduling treatments possible, no matter how hectic your life may be. Vasu Skin Solutions offers a calm and soothing atmosphere, and client privacy is a top priority. We are dedicated, as a local business, to our clientele and their needs. Our team of licensed professionals take the time to evaluate your unique skin care needs and discuss with you appropriate treatments to achieve desired results.

Book your complimentary consultation at Vasu Skin Solutions today to learn how we can help restore your confidence in your appearance. Life’s too short to feel unhappy with how you look, and today’s skincare solutions are more effective and safer than ever. Talk to us about reducing the pigment spots on your face, neck, décolleté, hands, or other places on your body for a refreshed and more beautiful you.

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