Understanding Skin Hyperpigmentation at High Altitudes

Skin hyperpigmentation is a common concern that affects people worldwide. It refers to the darkening of certain areas of the skin due to an overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for our skin’s color. While various factors can contribute to

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Why Purchase Your Products Directly from Vasu?

At Vasu, we handpick our products to determine which products work best for our clients in the harsh, dry, and sunny Colorado climate. Vasu technicians are extensively trained on all of our products. As a client, you save money by

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Winter Tip of the Season

While you may love the snow and cool winter air, it can be brutal for your skin. ❄️ The cold, dry winter air can leave your skin feeling raw and red, while the heating inside can suck the moisture out

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Fall Skin Tips

The cooler temperatures of fall are a great relief after suffering through the sweltering heat of the summer. 🍂 It is now time to put on cozy sweaters and sip pumpkin spice while watching the leaves change. The change in

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Protecting Our Skin

Protecting Our Skin How to stay safe while living in a climate that naturally creates a greater risk of UV damage. Emily O’Brien We sit down with Jennifer Fisher, M.S., owner of Vasu Skin Solutions, a private, modern, medical aesthetic

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COVID-19 Updates

We’re Vaccinated! We are fully vaccinated and Vasu Boulder is certified as a BOCO 5 Star Certificated Covid Business. Find BOCO Certified Businesses here: 5starCovidbusinesses We are offering all services at this time! Please be sure to arrive at your appointments on time

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rosacea treatments in Boulder

Common Rosacea Symptoms

Maybe you have always been one of those people whose skin is easily flushed. But when that flushed look doesn’t seem to go away anymore, and you’re left with less-than-perfect solutions like cosmetics to try and cover it up, it

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skincare routines | skincare products denver

Foods That Can Affect Your Skin

Skincare is about more than choosing the right products for your skin type and adhering to a careful cleansing regimen, toning, and moisturizing. It’s about taking care of our skin from the inside out, which starts with the foods we

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facial in Denver

What to Expect from a Facial

Facials are a fantastic way to not only pamper your skin but also improve the look and feel of your complexion. With advanced skincare technologies combined with natural skincare solutions, each of our clients at Vasu Skin Solutions in Denver

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laser hair removal boulder

Different Types of Laser Hair Removal

Choosing to give up all of the hassle and expense of laser hair removal is liberating. Laser hair removal can reduce or remove unwanted hair over a series of treatments designed to best match your skin tone, hair type, and

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