Common Rosacea Symptoms

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Maybe you have always been one of those people whose skin is easily flushed. But when that flushed look doesn’t seem to go away anymore, and you’re left with less-than-perfect solutions like cosmetics to try and cover it up, it may be time to consider that there’s something more going on. Your skin may be showing symptoms of rosacea. But you don’t need to live with it; there are advanced skincare solutions here in Boulder that can help alleviate the redness and inflammation you are experiencing.

Do I Have Rosacea?

If the redness in your skin centers around your nose and your cheeks, and you often see small white bumps that look like pimples, it could be rosacea. The constant inflammation of the blood vessels can eventually leave the skin on your nose appearing thicker. You may notice your eyes often feel dry and swollen, and they can appear reddened, too. Please visit your local dermatologist for a diagnosis of rosacea and take out the guesswork.
Rosacea may have genetic and environmental causes that make it flare. Food and drinks, such as spicy dishes and red wine, can trigger rosacea. You may also get a flare after spending time outdoors exposed to sunshine, wind, very high temperatures, and low temperatures. Even things that are good for your health, like high-intensity exercise that generates a lot of sweat, can bring on rosacea symptoms.

Can Rosacea Be Treated?

The visible symptoms of rosacea can respond very well to a specialized type of skincare treatment delivered through pulsed light, such as an IPL. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, which targets vascular and dark spots created by the sun. Treating the blood vessels caused by rosacea reduces the appearance of facial redness and gives you an overall even skin tone and texture. Best results require multiple treatments.

Rosacea Skincare from Vasu Boulder

Turn to the professional aestheticians at Vasu Skin Solutions in Boulder for your rosacea skincare concerns. All of our aestheticians have received extensive training and education in using the most cutting-edge light treatments and facial technologies to provide you with soothing skincare solutions for noticeable results. Book your consultation today and discover how our advanced skin care treatments in a spa setting can alleviate many of your rosacea symptoms, giving you the skin you can feel comfortable in.
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