Why Purchase Your Products Directly from Vasu?

At Vasu, we handpick our products to determine which products work best for our clients in the harsh, dry, and sunny Colorado climate. Vasu technicians are extensively trained on all of our products. As a client, you save money by purchasing directly from Vasu. We guarantee quality and customer satisfaction and assist you with how and why to use your new products. We also offer a 30-day return for exchange and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Deciding which products to purchase is overwhelming! Standing in a store or buying products online between the thousands of brands is brain-damaging, time-consuming, and can cost you a lot of money. The staff at Vasu handpicks every product line and individual product.

Some of our favorites include:

Revision Skincare’s Intellishade

Intellishade is Jen’s favorite product on the Vasu shelf. Everything in one product! SPF 45 anti-aging tinted moisturizer that hydrates, protects, conceals and brightens the skin. Intellishade is filled with peptides and antioxidants and blends with every skin tone and texture. In addition, TruPhysical is an oil-free formula with zero hidden chemical ingredients. So stop by Vasu today and grab your own!

SkinBetter Science

Caylee’s absolute favorite line! Imagine a line with retinol that does not cause irritation. Skinbetter Science is perfect for our harsh, dry Colorado climate. All products are paragon-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free! But, of course, you can go right in, allowing your Vasu professional to assist you with this line.


Our newest line from Barcelona to Boulder. ISDIN is Kate’s favorite line! ISDIN is a serum-based line with zero animal testing, eco-design, and filled with (photolyze) phytoplanktons. Phytoplanktons find DNA damage and repair them. Photolyze was discovered in Spain by a Nobel prize chemist. Kate’s favorite product within the line is Melatonik which boosts and stimulates antioxidant enzymes while you sleep. You will love the silky feel of Melatonik!

ZO Skinhealth

Jen and Kate have earned advanced training on this line. Caylee and Haven are in the process of obtaining their advanced training. Becoming a certified ZO Skinhealth specialist takes multiple hours of in-person and zoom training. Haven’s current favorite product is the Exfoliating Polish from ZO. This polish is best used in the morning a couple of days a week. The blue product works best with water and is gently scrubbed on the face. Your skin will have an immediate glow that will continue throughout the day.

Additional products on the Vasu shelf include:

             – Ella MD, the go-to-sunscreen.

            – iSClinical – We do not carry the full line, just our favorites!

            – SkinCeuticals – We all love the Triple Lipid Restore

            – and, of course, Latisse! – The staff’s favorite for longer and thicker lashes.

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