Laser Hair Removal Results – What Can I Expect?

In Denver, the sun’s rays are more intense so extra care is needed when undertaking . UV radiation is stronger because the air is thinner than it is at sea level. It’s easier to get a sunburn so extra care is required when skin’s extra sensitive, like after laser hair removal.
If you’re tired of shaving, waxing, plucking, and depilatory use, you might be ready for
is safe, the treatment can leave your skin reddened and slightly sore, similar to a sunburn. This can last for a few hours but generally subsides quickly. You can apply ice if desired. Wearing sunscreen is essential, especially with the intensity of the sun’s rays at Denver’s high elevation. Avoid hot showers on the day of your treatment, and avoid plucking, shaving or otherwise removing hair for 7-10 days. Within a few days after treatment, you’ll notice hair shedding from the treated areas and an improved appearance.

Laser Hair Removal Services in Denver

When you’re ready to give up on messy and time-consuming hair removal solutions, book your laser hair removal consultation with Vasu Skin Solutions in Denver and see how easy the
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