Protecting Our Skin

Protecting Our Skin

How to stay safe while living in a climate that naturally creates a greater risk of UV damage.

Emily O’Brien

We sit down with Jennifer Fisher, M.S., owner of Vasu Skin Solutions, a private, modern, medical aesthetic spa in town, to learn more about skincare—what fast-tracks damage and how to prevent and treat. Jennifer’s specialty is anti-aging procedures and her passion for beautiful, healthy skin is backed by extensive training in laser science, product development and aesthetics.

We’ve heard that living in Colorado brings a higher risk for skin damage. Why is that?  

Colorado is one of the sunniest places in America, with over 300 days of beautiful sunshine! But, unfortunately, the sun, our added mile-high altitude and dry air are not friends for your skin! The sun damages not only your top layers but also your deeper layers, the home of collagen and elastin.

How do you know if you have skin damage?

The appearance of photodamaged skin is dramatically different from biologically (sun-protected) skin. Photoaged skin is leathery, thick, dry, yellow in pigmentation, hyperpigmentation spots, coarse and rough, and wrinkled. If you question whether or not you have skin damage, we always recommend visiting your dermatologist annually, especially if you live and play in Colorado! 

What is healthy skin?

Healthy skin is smooth, firm, even in color, tight, well-hydrated, tolerant, disease-free and beautiful without makeup or coverup. Everybody should feel free to go grocery shopping without makeup. Our motto at Vasu is “Dare to be Bare,” which means feel free and happy without makeup! So wake up and be your best self in your skin! 

What’s the best way to keep skin healthy and protect it from further damage?

This is a more complex question to answer as it depends on the individual and their particular needs to acquire skin health. However, as a generalization, we recommend Vitamin C during the day as a powerful antioxidant to prevent cell damage, inflammation and collagen depletion. Always wear sunscreen during the day! In the evening, retinol is the number one scientifically proven ingredient for anti-aging. At Vasu Skin Solutions, we will customize your plan to achieve your unique healthy skin! 

Are treatments like facials, dermaplaning and microneedling able to undo damage?

Not every skin treatment can fix and heal skin damage. Some treatments are more for relaxation, and there is nothing wrong with that! We prefer skin treatments and procedures that improve your skin. Our favorite treatments to improve sun-damaged skin include Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and the Elluminate (four laser procedures to improve skin tone, texture, pigment, fine lines and wrinkles) and micro-needling. We recommend scheduling a consultation as every client is unique. 

What’s something you wish everyone did for their skin? 

People do not realize how much sun exposure they receive while doing daily activities living in sunny Colorado. So please, find a sunscreen that you like and one you will put on daily before leaving the house. Make sunscreen a daily habit, not only when you are directly in the sun. When you are active while hiking, skiing, running, etc., please use an appropriate sunscreen that is most likely more potent than your daily product. Aside from sunscreen, we wish everyone would have a good “home care routine.” A good cleanser can go a long way. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate! Find a water-resistant 50 SPF and please reapply!

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