Acne Treatment in Boulder, CO

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You Don’t Have to Live
with Acne Scars!

You Don’t Have to Live with Acne Scars!

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that can affect anyone at any age for several reasons, such as hormones, excess oil production, clogged hair follicles, Propionibacterium acnes, food allergies, or inflammation. Acne can appear on your face or body and lead to visible scarring; these can appear as depression in the skin (acne holes) or red acne scars and may decrease your confidence, especially if they are located on the face.

Can acne scars be treated?

Yes! No matter the location of acne or the treatment solutions you have used in the past (including hormonal acne treatment), acne scars are treatable. Treatments range from the DiamondGlow (microdermabrasion treatment that infuses serums into the skin) to chemical peels, radiofrequency, IPL for red acne scars, and acne laser treatments.

What Options are there for Acne Treatments?

Our staff is trained in the latest acne treatment solutions. They make sure to create a custom treatment regimen for each patient. Depending on whether we are treating active acne, scarring, or discoloration some of the treatment options include: 

The DiamondGlow is a microdermabrasion treatment infusing a Pore Clarifying serum to address imperfections, promoting clearer skin powerfully. This treatment simultaneously exfoliates, extracts debris, and infuses the skin with professional-grade Pro-Infusion Serums when pores are open and most receptive.

Powerful ingredients include TCA, Kojic Acid, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, Vitamin C, and antioxidant Glutathione. Works on active acne, scars, and is safe for all ethnic backgrounds. 

IPL works on clearing up the redness from acne scarring, and specific lasers destroy the acne bacteria, while others are incredibly effective in improving scarring.

Not every micro-needling device is the same; Vasu uses one of the only FDA-approved micro-needling devices (SkinStylus) on the market! Automated Micro-Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy) treats acne scars and improves the skin’s texture, tone, and color. A Sublative treatment is stronger than micro-needling. Your Vasu technician will determine which option is better.

Benefits of our Acne Treatments

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There are numerous benefits to treating active acne and acne scar treatment, including more self-confidence. Our multiple treatments are custom and based on the individual needs of our clients; some are mild and non-invasive while others have a bit more downtime. These procedures help treat and reduce acne scars, even ones left by hormonal acne treatment. 

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Some of our acne treatment solutions include reducing the appearance of body acne scars, red acne scars, and acne holes through acne facials, acne laser treatment, and skin needling for active acne. 

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Your skin will be left feeling invigorated, smoother, and healthier than before.

Acne Treatment Results

Reviews of Our Acne Treatment

Read Reviews of Vasu Skin Care Solutions
I'm having such a great experience with laser hair removal at Vasu! I've had four sessions and am seeing serious results with really no irritation afterwards! Haven is great, and the spa is bright, clean, and pleasant. I definitely recommend coming here and getting rid of your unwanted hairs once and for all 🙂
Caylee put me at ease and did a great job throughout my treatment
Jen at Vasu is honest and incredibly capable. She removed my cherry angiomas. The process was easy and successful!! Jen’s professionalism is as highly regarded as her compassion.
If you're thinking about laser hair removal, get it done at Vasu! From the cleanliness and feel of the space, to the warmth and expertise of the team — Vasu is a team of extremely professional women who have your best interest at heart. I appreciate so much that they are not only a local, female-owned business, but from my experience with Kate I can tell they are always giving their honest opinions and making sure you receive the best care. I'm extremely happy with my results and can't recommend this place enough! Super special shout-out to Kate who is exceptional at her job. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
Haven is amazing and has been doing diamond glows for me. So far I have had great results!!
Absolutely recommend! First experience receiving any type of facial, Vasu team were all very welcoming and friendly! Walked me through the whole process of a diamond glow! Am incredibly happy of the results! Got all the gunk and clogged pores right out and left me glowing for days! Will be returning for more!
I recently started going to Vasu Skin Solutions for Laser Hair Removal. The salon itself is clean, cute and street parking (paid) is super easy. I see Kate and she is the absolute best - she is sweet, personable, knowledgeable and gets me in and out in no time. Super happy with my decision to get laser at Vasu.
Love this team of women and I've seen great results from going there!
That the services Vasu offers are top of the line, it is the genuine customer CARE and friendliness that I receive there that deals the deal.
I am very happy with the entire Vasu staff and their laser hair removal services. Very kind staff, timely, and thorough in their services! They are honest and realistic about 'expectations' and tell you all you need to know in laser hair removal.
Jen and the rest of the Vasu team are some of the most caring, knowledgable, and trusting providers in this industry! They truly treat you like family the moment you walk through the door!
Repeat customer. Incredibly satisfied with everyone, but Kate takes great care of me. Highly recommend their services over other hair removal options
Professional, friendly, skilled and just overall awesome!
Caylee and Kate have transformed my skin! You can tell they genuinely care about their customers and they know exactly what you need to fix any skin issue and keep your skin healthy. I am so glad I found Vasu and will be coming back for treatments and skincare products.
It has a good vibe and the owner is great!
Jen and her team are amazing and highly professional. 10/10 recommend Vasu for your laser hair removal needs!
Jen and her team are incredible, so happy with my services and the products they offer. I’m 38 (not late to the game but not early!) and they have helped to put a comprehensive plan in place for me that isn’t overkill or unnecessary. Looking forward to trusting Jen for many years to come.
Can not say enough about Vasu! Jen and her knowledgeable staff is leading the skin care and anti aging industry. She takes her time to explain what she is doing and how it will change the appearance of your skin. I have been trying to change the brightness and tone of my skin for years. Within just one month I am already noticing a difference with her recommendations. Love these ladies and if you’re looking for real results don’t be afraid to invest in the technology they offer. Also, the products on their shelf actually work!!! Based on science not branding. Thank you Jen, Kate, and Haven! You all rock!
Jen at Vasu is my favorite! I’ve seen many estheticians and she does such a great job, detailed and practically painless. I send all my friends there. 10/10 would recommend!
My favorite laser-treament clinic. Very caring and thoughtful people. Good service, welcoming atmosphere, and modern equipment! Thank you, Jen!
Fantastic clinic! I love coming to VASU and I am always treated like family. All the gals are super friendly and knowledgeable. Jen especially has been super helpful in my skin care journey. Highly recommended!
Jen is a miracle worker in diminishing the appearance of facial vascular issues!!! She also shows care and consideration for explaining the entire process, when you should/should not have treatment, and in healing. I will definitely return to Vasu for any other skincare needs and refer others!
Caylee was precessional and fast! I couldn't believe how quickly the laser hair removal appointment was and how pain free. I would definitely recommend Vasu and Caylee.
The team as Vasu really makes you feel comfortable. Caylee has been my specialist for the last ~7 months and always makes me feel at home. I’m not the best socially and have a lot of anxiety, but Caylee never fails to be the most friendly, positive person I talk to on days that I have an appointment. Thank you for making me feel welcome!
Vasu customer service is exceptional and some of the best I have experienced. It is a small, locally run business that maintains an elegant environment. I am so grateful for the services I received and I highly enjoyed my time here. Jen customized the services and products I received to improve my skin! I am so grateful! I can say I am happy with my skin thanks to their services.
Every time I come for my facial, Caylee does the best job and always recommends the right treatment and products for my skin. I have a facial with her once a month and I truly look forward to it. Before coming for my first treatment, I was struggling with multiple skin concerns, and seeing her has been such a boost of confidence. Thank you Caylee and Vasu!
If you're thinking about laser hair removal, get it done at Vasu! They are extremely hygienic and really thorough. They were super generous with me and I always enjoyed chatting with Jen during my sessions. This is also a local, female-owned business. I'm super happy with my results and can't recommend this place enough!
I simply cannot recommend Vasu enough.Always so welcoming with a lovely warm smile, extremely professional and helpful when asking about products and treatments. I have been coming here for many years now and they have always had my best interests at heart. They are honest in their opinions and always make sure I receive the best care.Vasu are by far the best team when it comes to their knowledge and expertise.I couldn’t recommend highly enough.Thank you 😊
The team at Vasu, especially my darling Kate, are the best in the business. I highly recommend Vasu. Plus, they’ve got a fantastic selection of skin care products including my go-to eye cream.
I am very happy with the results of my treatment. Ariel was my technician for each appointment. She put me at ease and I felt very taken care of. Thank you!
Great company and staff! They were very professional and easy to work with. Services were always on time and quick. I saw Kate the most and I highly recommend her!
I shopped around quite a bit and ended up going with Vasu. It’s a gorgeous space and Ariel is the best—so friendly, professional and super efficient. Love her and this place!
Caylee was amazing!! She was welcoming and knowledgeable. This was my second time for a visit. I was welcomed with a smile, immediately shown to a room and within minutes I was treated. I will be returning frequently.
I’ve been a client of Vasu for over 2 years now (for laser hair removal and facials) and have absolutely loved my experiences! From the modern feel and cleanliness of the office space, to the warmth and expert knowledge of the employees - Vasu is nothing if not professional and I have the skin to prove it. Special shout-out to Kate Agius who has taken care of all of my skincare needs. She is exceptional at her job and I love coming in to see her!!
I highly recommend Vasu Skin! Kate was very kind, professional, and made sure I had a comfortable experience.
Really great service and staff. The attentiveness of the staff makes you realized how invested they really are to what options are best for you.
Ariel has been an amazing laser technician! I was apprehensive to even get laser but my first session she made all concerns go away! She talk you through what is happening and is super kind and approachable! Definitely finishing all my laser with Ariel and Vasu Skin Solutions!
Great service! Clean and professional office, everyone is friendly and knowledgeable! Highly recommend
I LOVE this place! I have seen Kate and Ariel for laser hair removal and Caylee for the DiamondGlow and everyone is professional and friendly. The office is super clean and always smells great! I can not recommend Vasu enough.
Best ever! Love Jennifer and her team, they always go above and beyond!
Katie is absolutely AMAZING! My experiences with her are always incredible, she is so kind, and she really makes you feel comfortable!
Ariel is the most incredible technician! She is kind, caring and so thoughtful when it comes to your care. I’ve gotten laser hair removal before and have never had as great of results as I’ve already had with Ariel in the last couple months. She genuinely cares about your results! I am so grateful I found her!
The employees where really nice and great job on the laser hair removal!!
I cannot say enough good things about working with Ariel!! I had some hormone-related hair growth that I couldn’t resolve after 10+ years. I had tried various functional medicine programs and some other less sophisticated laser hair treatments, all with no significant progress. After 5 sessions with Ariel I’ve seen tremendous results! I’m truly blown away!! Ariel is awesome to work with and is definitely a master of her craft. I would highly recommend working with Ariel for anyone who is interested in seeing extreme transformations with laser hair removal!
I love Vasu!! It’s a very clean facility and you can tell the owner cares about the costumers. I’ve been working with Ariel and she’s the best. Does a great job and makes sure you’re comfortable through every session. Highly recommend!!
Very welcoming and professional! They put me at ease and informed me exactly what was being done on my face . Made sure to let me know they are available anytime for questions.
Great experience! Highly recommend
Vasu is such a great place! Every time I walk in the door I feel welcome. Ariel is both fun and kind, which makes the whole process feel comfortable and easy. Highly recommend Vasu and Ariel!
After reading reviews from several places I scheduled a consult with Ariel. Upon arriving the salon was very clean and everyone was kind and courteous. I discussed the issues I was having making long distance cycling miserable. Ariel listened carefully, asked thoughtful questions and shared her experience working with other endurance cyclists. She recommended 6 sessions over a 6 month period. Each session has been super quick and easy and she has great to work with. Most importantly after 4 months my issue which plagued me for years is 95% resolved! My only regret is not working with Ariel sooner! Highest recommendation goes to Ariel!
Best quality of equipment, customer service and outcome of services of any spa!
Such a great experience! Jennifer and her staff are very professional! I would recommend them for any skin or hair procedure!
I had The Elluminate laser treatment and it was, hands down, the BEST and most effective laser facial treatment I have ever received! It got rid of some stubborn pigmentation I have had for years and left my face renewed and more supple than I’ve seen it in years. If you have ever had a laser treatment and felt like it wasn’t quite strong enough or wanted it to address more of your concerns at once, this is the treatment for you.
I first came here about six months ago for facial redness and texture issues from acne scarring. I have tried everything under the sun for the scarring including multiple pricey laser treatments touted by plastic surgeons and dermatologists with little improvement. From the very first visit I felt that Jennifer and Kate genuinely wanted to help. I have completed a series of eMatrix Plus and while my skin looks much better I still had some stubborn broken capillaries around my nose. Jennifer has been helping to resolve those over several additional sessions and they are finally fading away. The ladies here are genuine, kind and honestly some of the most lovely people I have encountered in a long time!
Jennifer and her professional team of specialists consistently welcome me with expertise and empathetic care. The services provided have proven to be superior and effective. Coupled with a warm, friendly and inviting environment, their services are exemplary.
Vasu is very clean and smells amazing when you walk in the door. The rooms are warm, the treatments are fast, and the technician who works with me is welcoming and professional.
I had a wonderful first experience last week with Jen and Ariel. Lovely, knowledgeable and generous with their time and the treatment I received.I had my first DiamondGlow laser treatment 5 days ago and to date I’m pleased with the process and results I’m seeing. Minimal downtime, which included subtle redness and skin warmth after the initial treatment. Warmth went away the evening of, redness and slight peeling subsided 3 days afterwards.My initial reason for getting the treatment includes to reduce/eliminate dark spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Today marks my 5th day after treatment and I’m already seeing the notable dark spots disappear.I have another treatment in November and look forward to continuing to address my concerns. I will post another update shortly after that treatment.In short, I’m pleased with where my progress is after one treatment and only 5 days into healing and improving my skin.Highly recommend you consult with the Vasu Skin Solutions team for any skin concerns you may have.UPDATE (February 2022):After three sessions (Sept, Nov and Jan), I can say I am extremely satisfied with my results. After the first session, all notable brown spots disappeared after the first week. Some of the stubborn spots on my cheeks took all 3 sessions to see major results.Besides the brown/dark spots, I am pleased to report a difference in the texture and hyperpigmentation of my skin as well.One of the things I like most about this laser treatment is the downtime. Very minimal. Some redness and dryness but not bad at all!I would definitely recommend this service.
Vasu has been a great resource for helping my skin post pregnancy. I have seen great results and love everyone I have worked with. The clean space and friendly atmosphere are a plus!
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Vasu, this treatment, and the team. I’d wanted to try laser hair removal for years and only wish I’d come to Ariel sooner! Besides the results speaking for themselves, Ariel always took the time to answer my dozens of questions, personalize my treatment plan, and make me feel comfortable (initially I was a little intimidated by the idea of laser)! She was also incredibly prompt for every single appointment which I really appreciated. 10/10
The staff at Vasu always do such a great job - Ariel was particularly great at answering all my questions and giving me advice. Definitely would recommend their Silk Peel if you’re looking for a dewy face!
The technicians graciously gave me an appointment on Christmas eve. I had the diamond procedure and it was amazing. I did not realize how smooth my skin would be after it. The salon was very clean and the technicians were very careful and Covid aware. I purchased a few products after the procedure and I love them. I will definitely be coming there routinely for services. It was a great experience.
I’ve been working with Ariel at Vasu for several months and could not be more excited about the results and my experience. Definitely recommend!
Katie is a laser hair removal magician! My underarms and bikini area have never looked better! No more bumps or red spots from shaving! Katie is friendly, professional, and always on time. She is an expert in her field! Go see Katie if you want precise and effective laser hair removal! I highly recommend her!
Vasu is awesome! The staff is super friendly and make you feel at ease and at home. The spa is clean and beautiful and the lasers are very effective. I wouldn’t say laser hair removal is perfectly comfortable, but Kate does a great job of distracting me with nice conversation. If you’re on the fence about laser hair removal, I hope this tips you over, I’m super satisfied.
I recently had my first Elluminate treatment at Vasu Skin Solutions and I am in love! I’ve had other laser treatments in the past that have been great but they typically addressed one or two issues at a time. This treatment offers four different laser treatments in one session and addresses a much wider range of skin problems and anti-aging effects all in one. After only one treatment I’ve noticed a huge improvement in the overall texture, tone and tightening of my skin, not to mention a major reduction in sunspots and other discolored areas caused by sun damage as well as faded capillaries around my nose. In a word, my skin is now radiant. And the best part, aside from these amazing results is that there was very little down time. I can’t recommend this treatment or Vasu Skin Solutions enough. Vasu is one of my secret weapons for all things anti-aging.I can’t say enough about both the treatments and results I’ve had at Vasu. From the immaculate treatment rooms to the professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff, my experience with Vasu has been top notch. I highly recommend Vasu Skin Solutions.
I adore Jen and the business she built! She and Katie are extremely professional and knowledgeable about all things laser. I trust them implicitly and my skin has never looked so good! They aren’t pushy or salesy, truly they just want to help you look your best. And! They’re now a fully vaccinated facility which is the icing on top. Highly recommend vasu!
I was a first time Botox client who was a little nervous of what the results might look like, the potential pain of application and the cost. I was so impressed and calmed by Jen as she very thoroughly explained everything before the treatment, made her suggestion of units/cost before starting and asked to be sure I was ok with that cost before proceeding. The procedure itself was extremely quick and well done. Overall, very satisfied, particularly with the quality of care I received from Jen, and am looking forward to going back for my follow up appointment.
Love Katie, Jen and Kate! I have been treated by all three of them and they are consistent with being on time and even squeezed me in when I mixed up the time! Clean and cute space
I highly recommend Vasu! The staff is very kind and helpful and their services work very well!!
Welcoming and professional!
I’ve used Vasu for micro needling, IPL, and microdermabrasion and I would highly recommend them! The staff are great, has years of experience, and is so helpful in understanding what works, or doesn’t, for my skin concerns. They are also super flexible in terms of scheduling. Do your face a favor and check out Vasu!
I was referred to Jen at Vasu for a facial rejuvenation laser treatment and I couldn't be more happy with my experience. From the very first session Jen helped me feel at ease and confident in her skills as a clinician. I appreciated her efficiency and the quality of care she provided to me. Jen even went the extra mile when I had one spot that wasn't perfect and she worked with me until it was! Her place is beautiful, sparkling clean and very welcoming. I will refer my friends and family to her for sure!

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Our friendly and highly trained staff are skilled and educated in the latest acne and acne scar treatment solutions. Enjoy a calm, friendly, welcoming, and educated experience that offers cutting-edge technology to enhance traditional skin care treatments. Our Boulder location is easily accessible, and we offer convenient scheduling, including lunchtime or after-work appointments. So don’t spend another day wishing your skin was clearer, less red, or that your acne scars were less noticeable. Instead, call Vasu Skin Solutions today and take the first step toward a more confident and beautiful you.

Acne Treatment Services + Pricing




The DiamondGlow is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that will give you five benefits in 30 minutes: 1) exfoliation with a medical-grade diamond treatment heads, 2) infusion of a potent serum deep into your skin (the solution will stay in your skin for 72-96 hours after the treatment!), 3) removal of any and all toxins in respect of lymphatic drainage, 4) new collagen growth for even tone and texture, and 5) improved circulation for increased tone and brightness.

Clarifying – salicylic acid to improve cystic and pustule acne with the added benefit of aloe to improve inflammation.

Add extractions for an additional $50.

$300 | Series of 3 $800

The only peel with glutathione, potent antioxidants, and peptides! Be ready to peel! By the third day, you will peel for three to four days! Gently resurface your skin within seven to ten days. Improve tone, tightness, brighten, reduce acne, sun damage, and melasma.

FDA Approved Micro-needling

$350 | Series of 4 $1,200

Vasu’s favorite anti-aging procedure! Automated Micro-Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy) treats fine lines, acne scars, and the overall improvement of the skin’s texture, tone, and color. Not every micro-needling device is the same. Vasu uses one of the only FDA approved micro-needling devices (SkinStylus) on the market! Receive a post-care Vasu Recovery Kit with your purchase of the Series of 4.

Nordlys IPL

$325 Full Face or Neck or Décolleté or Arms (Other body parts priced via consultation) | Series of 3 $810 | Hands $200 | Series of 3 $500

Provides state of the art skin rejuvenation; reduces pigmented lesions such as solar lentigines, age spots, freckles; reduces vascular lesions such as telangiectasia, angiomas, red acne scars, and spider veins, skin tightening, softens and smooths skin, reduces fine lines and pores and lightens Rosacea.

Sublative Fractional RF (Radio Frequency) Reverso

Series of 4 $2,200

Sublative is a revolutionary non-ablative fractional resurfacing device using radiofrequency (RF) that effectively treats acne scars; reduces fine lines and wrinkles; improves tone and texture; reduces large pores; as well as tightens the skin. Sublative RF improves overall skin tone and appearance with minimum down time and without surgery. 


$900 | Series of 3 $2,500

The Vasu Elluminate offers an anti-aging treatment using four lasers in one procedure! Experience collagen-building, reduce pigment, benign browns, capillaries, diffused redness, reduce fine lines, tighten the skin, and skin resurfacing! This customized laser treatment is one of a kind.
Clear + Brilliant Laser

$550 | Series of 3 $1,500

Finally a laser for ALL skin types! Find younger, smoother, and radiantly glowing skin. A custom, two laser treatment, with minimal downtime. Works on fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and melasma! 

What to Expect During an Appointment

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On arriving at your appointment, expect to be greeted with a smile by all our staff! We will check your paperwork and have you directed to the treatment room. Your technician will go over the different options of treatments with you.  (Be sure to check out how to prepare for your visit!)

After your appointment, your skin may be red and mildly sensitive after chemical, laser, or micro-needling acne treatment. This sensation will usually fade away in a few hours. The staff at Vasu is here to help you through the process and will explain the aftercare during your treatment.

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Most people with acne are candidates for treatments. However, if you are taking Accutane, you need to wait six months before seeking additional treatments. 

Acne is a bacterial skin condition caused by Propionibacterium acnes, where dead skin cells and oil get trapped in your hair follicles. Trapped oil can lead to blemishes on your skin, which gets damaged from the trapped debris. It often occurs in your teen years; however, adults also suffer from acne. Acne can also be a side effect of oily skin, medication, food, allergies, or hormones. 

It depends on the type of acne scar. If the scar has a divot or pit an RF treatment such as Sublative, micro-needling, or Erbium laser may be a good choice. If the scars are red, then IPL or a chemical peel may be a better choice. Allow the experts at Vasu Skin Solutions to determine which treatments are best for your acne scars. 

It depends on the cause and your specific skin! We have great results from treating red acne scars with our IPL. We also use chemical peels and products. Each client is unique, so allow Vasu experts to guide you through the best treatment process for your red acne scars. 

It depends on the coloration and severity, as well as the acne treatment performed. It also depends on the type of scar. We use several different procedures to help our clients improve their acne scars. 

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer! A few mild scars might fade away with as little as one laser treatment, but more severe, deeply colored scars might require multiple treatment sessions and patience. But, don’t worry, as your Vasu technician will guide you through the process. 

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