At Home Facial

Why should you be getting regular facials?

The answer to that is more complicated than just to relax and feel good! Facials are a great way to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. Each step, especially combined with all the steps, has a significant impact on your skin! We have broken it down to give you a better understanding from the skin solutions experts with Vasu Skin Solutions.

The facial described below is part of Skin Care Boulder and Skin Care Denver’s “at home facial” using Revision’s Skincare products. This is only one example of Facials in Denver and Boulder.

Where to Begin?

Every facial begins with a double cleanse (Papaya Enzyme Cleanser), removing dirt, debris, makeup, and sweat before pampering your skin!

Next up, exfoliating (Finishing Touch). This helps with the sunscreen build-up and dead skin. We can quickly begin to look dull! If we are going to do anything to our skin, we want to make sure it’s on a fresh layer so your products can penetrate into the skin. That goes for moisturizing and intense anti-aging treatments. We do not want your expensive anti-aging products to sit on top of your skin!

After exfoliating, it is essential to do any extractions that are needed (blackheads, whiteheads, etc.). Congestion can be an ongoing problem for all clients! If it is not correctly taken care of, the congestion will continue to build up. We do not recommend doing your own extractions at home as it can lead to permanent scarring and damage.

After exfoliating and extractions, it is time to nourish your skin. You want to be sure that your skin is healing and being appropriately repaired, which we do with a healing and soothing mask (Pink Mask, professional product not available for retail). Living in Colorado, our skin encounters a lot that will create continuous damage (sun exposure, free radicals, etc.), and just as we nourish our bodies with good food and exercise, we need to do the same for our skin.

The second to last step is lymphatic massage. Swollen lymph on your face can actually give you the appearance of a sagging face. Consistent facial massage will contribute to a bright and youthful complexion.

Lastly, medical-grade moisturizer (DEJ Face Cream) is applied to a fresh face. The moisturizer chosen is specific to the client and their needs. We will always finish with SPF (Intellishade – a Vasu favorite – SPF 45) to be sure that your fresh layer of skin is protected.

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