Manscaping 101

What exactly is ‘Manscaping’? Think landscaping for a guy. Cleaning up those hairy areas? Hairy back? Hairy ass? Who needs those? Women hate those! Planet of the Apes went out of fashion ages ago. What about all those cyclists around town who shave their legs? Why not just permanently remove that hair, no more stubble, no more shaving, no pricking your partner with you stubbly legs. Smooth chest…yum….who doesn’t love a man with a smooth chest? Think David Beckham. There is no way his chest is that smooth without some serious manscaping. And I bet that that is not the only place his body is ultra smooth. Or what about those private areas…yep, I’m talking groin grooming…how about cleaning up those too while you’re at it? Us women have been onto Brazilians for quite some time now and you men have been enjoying the benefits. Well, it’s your turn now. Women like groomed, bare areas just as much as you do. And according to a Gilette commercial there’s an added benefit, “When there’s no underbush, the tree looks taller.” ;-0

How does Vasu manscape? With a laser! “Why laser vs razor,” you ask? I’ll tell you why. Because after a series of sessions, you will never have to do it again. Your hair in those unwanted places will be groomed and gone forever. You will never have that itching, burning feeling or stubble again. You will never have prickly hairs just a day after shaving. You will be as smooth as a babies bum, and you will reap the benefits.

Nervous? Embarrassed? Vasu estheticians are professionals. They have seen it all, done it all, and are experts in the art of manscaping. There is nothing they can’t do or have done. They will make you feel at ease. Manscaping is becoming increasingly more popular and mainstream and in fact, Vasu has been doing it for quite some time.

Whether you do this for yourself, for her, or for him, you won’t regret it. Hairless is SO 21st century. Dare to be bare!

written by NAN GENTRY

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