Summer Laser Hair Removal 101

Just like you, we love Summer. The days are longer, the weather brings us outside more and that brings us to, you guessed it, your SKIN! So here’s the big question that we run into every summer: Are Laser Hair Removal treatments compatible with a suntan? The simple answer: absolutely not. If you are investing your time, money, energy and effort into Laser Hair Removal, please do not come in with a suntan. The laser does not know the difference between tanned skin and your dark hair. The energy from the laser is attracted to dark pigment. We want the light energy from the laser to be converted to heat in order to destroy the hair follicle – not burn tan skin.

The Educated Client

As laser technicians, it can be difficult to notice slight changes in our client’s skin color. Therefore, as we are not always able to tell wether our client is tanned or not, it is important for our clients to understand that sun tanning while being treated with the laser can be problematic and is not recommended.

The Difference Between a Suntan and Dark Skin

Please remember that we have a laser for every ethnic background; but having darker skin is not the same as being tan from the sun! We encourage our clients to take extra caution while being out in the sun and get in the habit of using daily sunscreen and covering up.

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Sunscreen? Yes, Please!

We offer several effective sunscreen options from many of your favorite skincare brands: Revision, Elta MD, Epionce and more. Pop on by Vasu for sunscreen samples and find a product that is right for you!

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