What are the Side Effects of Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning in boulder

If you’re seeking a solution to the fine hairs that grow on your face and you’re considering alternatives to shaving, dermaplaning may be the answer. For most clients, it’s a safe and effective method of facial hair removal under the skilled hands of a professional aesthetician. But naturally, you may have concerns about side effects. You can rest assured, there are very few potentially negative side effects.


Cautions for Dermaplaning


If you’re prone to cold sores, dermaplaning can aggravate your condition. Skin may also appear slightly reddened or feel extra sensitive after treatment. You may feel like hair is growing back faster or thicker in treated areas; however, that’s apt to be a result of how the hair was removed instead. The dermaplaning tool cuts the hair straight across as compared with the angle that a razor blade used at home might be held at. After dermaplaning in Boulder, treated skin may need a little extra TLC for a few days. Avoiding direct sunlight and high heat conditions such as hot yoga or intense exercise classes can reduce any potential negative side effects of dermaplaning. It’s extremely uncommon to experience infection or scarring after a dermaplaning treatment.


Benefits of Dermaplaning


Not all potential side effects are negative. Dermaplaning in Boulder has many positive side effects, too. Those who receive dermaplaning experience smoother and more evenly toned skin that looks cleaner, softer, and simply glows. Treatment not only removes fine hair but also thoroughly exfoliates skin, too. Skin may also improve how well topical skin care treatments like serums are absorbed. Some clients may feel like collagen production has improved while others see softened areas of pigmentation, although researchers are still exploring these benefits.


At Vasu Skin Solutions in Boulder, our professional aestheticians have the training and skills to provide you with effective dermaplane treatments in a spa-like and relaxing environment. Under their skilled hands, fine hairs are lifted away along with impurities that make skin look dull and sallow. Book your complimentary consultation today to see if dermaplaning may be the right facial hair removal solution for you, and let our aestheticians in Boulder answer any questions you have about potential side effects.


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