What are the Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

For many women, the idea of laser hair removal is a dream come true. The thought of never having to deal with problem areas like the chin, upper lip, under-arms or bikini line frees up time and energy that could be spent on other things. And while laser hair removal is generally very safe, there are sometimes minor side effects.

What You Might Experience

Some women, after undergoing a laser hair removal treatment, will feel like they’ve got a sunburn at the treated area; in fact, skin might look that way, too. Reddened and highly sensitive skin is actually pretty common after laser hair removal; however, it doesn’t typically last very long – typically just a few hours. Skin may also crust as it heals; while uncomfortable and possibly a little unsightly, applying a little moisturizer can help. Not only will skin feel better but it will more likely heal better, reducing the chances of any scarring left behind.

Less Common Side Effects

The eyes are extremely sensitive to damage from lasers. And while many spas offer clients special eyewear during treatments, it’s still possible for people to experience vision problems after laser hair removal treatments. If you’re not offered protective eyewear, ask for it. If you have concerns about the protective eyewear, like it doesn’t fit well, talk to your aesthetician. Prolonged or severe eye problems after laser skin treatments may require advanced eye care with an ophthalmologist. And sometimes, laser hair treatments can lead to infection, burns or blisters. It’s not common at all, but, the treated hair follicle can become infected or the treated area can be subject to skin irritations including burns and blisters. General first aid is typically enough to manage care of problem areas.

Communication is Key!

Overall, laser skin treatments are quite safe. But for best results, it’s important to know and understand potential side effects and how to address them. See a doctor when side effects are concerning; perhaps they last too long, feel too intense, or otherwise cause pain or discomfort. Be sure to communicate your concerns with your aesthetician in advance, and speak up if you begin to experience pain during treatment; while these advanced skin care methods aren’t always painless, they should not leave you reeling in agony.

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