What are the Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

For many people, the idea of laser hair removal is a dream come true. The thought of never having to deal with problem areas such as the chin, upper lip, under-arms, chest, back, or bikini line frees up time and energy. While laser hair removal is generally very safe, there are sometimes minor side effects.

What You Might Experience

Some people, after a laser hair removal treatment, will feel as if they have a sunburn in the treated area; in fact, the skin might look that way, too. Reddened and sensitive skin is fairly standard after laser hair removal; however, it doesn’t typically last very long – just a few hours. Some clients do not react at all after laser hair removal.

Less Common Side Effects

Some clients experience slight folliculitis after a laser hair removal treatment. Do not worry as folliculitis usually goes away within a couple of days. The client may apply aloe at home after each treatment to speed up healing. If you have any questions after a laser hair removal treatment, please reach out to your Vasu Skin Solutions technician.

Communication is Key!

Overall, laser skin treatments are quite safe. But for best results, it’s essential to know and understand potential side effects and how to address them. Be sure to communicate your concerns with your aesthetician in advance, and speak up if you begin to experience pain during treatment; while these advanced skincare methods aren’t always painless, they should not leave you reeling in agony. Contact Vasu Skin Solutions Today!

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