Dermaplaning vs. Shaving

Facial hair is a common problem for women, even if it’s not usually talked about. Many women consider shaving their faces with a razor to remove the fine hairs that grow along their cheeks and jawline for a smoother look and improved performance of their cosmetics; however, shaving is thought to be unladylike by many, and other women worry that their shaved facial hair will only grow back thicker and darker. Dermaplaning in Boulder is an effective and efficient alternative that’s pampering, too. It’s available to clients at Vasu Skin Solutions and offers several benefits over shaving.


Why Women Turn to Shaving


Shaving is convenient in that women can remove facial hair at home, privately. But the expense of razors and shaving cream can add up. And whether you shave in the shower or at the bathroom sink, it can be messy, leaving splashes of foam and hair everywhere. The results are smooth skin at first but within a few days, it’s time to shave again. And that light exfoliation that comes from shaving doesn’t last. The width of typical razor blades and the angle at which the blades are fitted to the handle aren’t always efficient for women’s facial use.


Dermaplaning Is the Answer


The surgical blade that a trained aesthetician uses for dermaplaning in Boulder allows her to achieve the ideal angle for safe hair removal and thorough exfoliation through removal of the top layer of skin along with hair. The shape of the tool allows for precision treatment along the natural curves of a woman’s face and jawline. Professional dermaplaning also lifts away impurities from pores to improve skin’s look and feel. Your skin looks brighter and smoother, and the results can last 2-4 weeks. Some women also experience softer-looking scars and a lightening of some hyperpigmentation and fine lines.


Say goodbye to the mess and frustration of frequent facial shaving. Trust the professional aestheticians at Vasu Skin Solutions for relaxing dermaplaning treatment in Boulder and achieve the custom results best suited to your individual needs, whether you want full-face or targeted treatment. Book a complimentary consultation today and restore a smoother and clearer complexion in just minutes.


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