What Causes Skin Pigmentation

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If you’re one of the many people who experience hyperpigmentation, you may wonder what the roots of this condition are. Hyperpigmentation is, in essence, an excess of melanin. And that can come from a variety of causes. It’s actually a very common skin concern among residents of Denver, where the high altitude may play a role. But there are other causes, too, including sun exposure, age, hormonal changes, and skin injuries.


Hormonal Causes


Melasma is a hormonal condition that often affects pregnant women. The increase and flux in hormones drives the appearance of dark spots that usually show up on the face. When caused by pregnancy, skin pigmentation may soften after delivery but not always. Fluctuating hormones from medications like contraceptives or chemotherapy drugs can also prompt your body to produce extra melanin.


Sun Exposure


People who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially when strong sunscreen practices aren’t always observed, often develop skin pigmentation that appears as dark spots. These spots, also called solar lentigines, may show up on your hands, neck, face or decollete. It can take many years for sun exposure to show up as dark spots on the skin; in fact, you may not realize your sun exposure too much until too late.


Skin Injury


A wide variety of skin injuries can also result in increased melanin and visible pigmentation. These can include accidental injuries like scars or burns as well as surgical procedures. Skin injury also includes acne scarring. Discoloration of skin can change over time and while some of the more reddened areas can become less intense, these darkened areas may not fade away completely.


Regardless of the cause, Vasu Skin Solutions located in Denver can help resolve areas of skin pigmentation anywhere on your body. Your aesthetician can work with you to find appropriate care for skin pigmentation concerns aligned with the probable cause, whether that’s Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment in denver, facials or peels. While these treatments may require a series of visits for maximum results, reaching out to Vasu Skin Solutions is the first step. Book your complimentary consultation today and learn more about how we can resolve skin pigmentation to restore your confidence in your appearance.


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