Vasu & Bali: A Special Connection

What is up with Vasu and its connection with Bali? Have you ever noticed the beautiful wood carvings, bracelets, and Saraswati statues inside the Vasu offices? And now, you may be wondering why Vasu is promoting a cycling retreat to Bali?

A Love of Bali

I am the owner of Vasu Skin Solutions in Boulder, and have had the pleasure of going to Bali for over twenty-five years! What started as a surfing, backpacking vacation later in life turned into a place where I lived with my children, acquired a Balinese family, learned a new language, fell in love with a culture, and made life long connections and friends.

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My children and I lived outside of Ubud for one year while they attended the beautiful Green School. A school with no windows, walls, doors and where learning is by doing; not memorizing. During this year in Bali, I worked with my longtime friend, Sue Van Raes with Boulder Nutrition and I assisted in the planning of Sue’s first Bali retreat. Sue has over a decade of international retreat experience and holds a Master Degree in Nutrition!

Boulder Nutrition: Bali Retreat

A couple of years ago, I helped Sue create a new retreat in Bali involving cycling, yoga, excellent food, cultural experiences, surrounded by genuine Balinese authenticity! The retreat experiences with Sue and her local staff from Villa Selat are unique, life-changing, and not at all touristy! You can go to Sue’s website to learn more and as a special offer for Vasu’s clients, enter ‘VASU’ and receive 10% OFF the entire retreat! You will not be disappointed!!

dermaplanning boulder and denver

The Vasu-Bali Business Connection

Additionally, my Bali visits have inspired much of how I’ve shaped my business, Vasu Skin Solutions. Our offices reflect many Balinese design elements, and we strive to incorporate the Balinese culture’s innate respect and reverence of the beauty in all living beings in our attitudes towards client service.

Katie, the owner of Vasu Skin Solutions in Denver, has also had the pleasure of experiencing Bali first hand twice with me! The first trip was the best business trip ever! We laughed and explored Bali, stayed at beautiful Bambu Indah, Villa Selat, and went to Komodo! Katie’s second trip was more of a healing, nurturing, and reflecting journey.

Bali is an extraordinary place for both myself and Katie. We hope that you have a chance to experience it for yourself and come to share our appreciation of the beautiful Balinese culture. In the meantime, come in to either of our Vasu offices and enjoy the art and statues from Bali collected by both of us!

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