Why Wax When You Can Laser?

Good question, right? Are you familiar with in-grown hairs? A bumpy texture to your skin after waxing? Is the skin tone of your inner thigh darker than the rest of your leg? Do you have scars from waxing and ingrown hairs? Are you sensitive to shaving? How do you feel in that tiny weeny bikini with red shaving bumps? Are you tired of shaving and having your hair return within hours? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then laser hair reduction may be the answer for you!

At Vasu Skin Solutions, permanent laser hair reduction is now the same price as waxing! Laser Hair Reduction is permanent, fast, affordable and provides a speedy recovery over waxing. Laser hair reduction is also virtually pain free and highly sophisticated compared to invasive waxing techniques.

Laser hair reduction allows the client to remain clean shaven in between treatments while waxing is restrictive to having the client grow out their hair before each waxing session. Save time, feel sexy, conserve water and money in the cost of purchasing razors which eventually fill our landfills! It makes financial, environmental and socio-economical sense to laser rather than wax.

Laser Hair Reduction is scientifically proven effective in permanently reducing hair growth. Vasu Skin Solutions offers the latest laser technology for the reduction of hair growth for most skin types with the Quanta 755nm Alexandrite and 1064 Nd:Yag lasers. The laser is fired and sends out a burst of energy which turns into heat and permanently destroys hair follicles from producing hair! It works best on dark, course hair with pale skin. The lasers at Vasu Skin Solutions are new, fast and offer a unique cooling device which makes your session virtually pain free.

Call (720.470.4837) or email info@vasuskinsolutions.com Vasu Skin Solutions and we will answer all of your questions regarding laser hair reduction. If your hair is dark and your skin is tan free, we promise that you will be happy with the results,

Be Hair Free and Care Free at Vasu Skin Solutions!

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