Why You Should Avoid Microneedling at Home

Why Microneedling at Home Isn’t a Good Idea

It’s hard not to argue with the notion of microneedling at home on the surface. The needles included on the wands used in at-home microneedling kits are nowhere near deep enough to deliver professional results accurately. Most at-home devices have needles of around 0.3mm or less; professional tools typically have needles of 2.5-3.0mm for far greater penetration.

Microneedling Requires Precision Skills

Rolling a wand might sound easy, but as you get close to the delicate skin around your eyes or lips, it’s easy to misjudge the depth of that skin and the necessary pressure to achieve good results. If you over-do it, you could cause serious harm to your face. Our aestheticians have professional training to use microneedling tools with care and accuracy. Your aesthetician also uses her insight and direct inspection of your skin to provide you with custom serums for use during your microneedling treatment that addresses your specific concerns.

Minimize Your Risk of Infection

Using a microneedle tool at home opens up the opportunity for infection. Even if the needles on the wand aren’t as deep as those used in a professional setting, they can still puncture your skin and leave a wound. Microneedles also require a level of disinfection that’s tough to attain with home care. At home, micro-needling devices can cause infection and deliver the bacteria throughout your face with a few spins of the barrel.

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With microneedling, Boulder clients can enjoy softer skin with enhanced clarity and a natural glow. Our FDA approved microneedling devices at Vasu Skin Solutions promise clean and effective skincare treatments that are overseen by professional aestheticians. Contact Vasu Skin Solutions for a free consultation to see how microneedling therapies can give you the youthful skin you’ve always wanted.

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