Microneedling Video

Microneedling is one of my favorite treatments, it’s also collagen induction therapy, so what it does, is it causes a light superficial to the skin to promote cell growth and healing. So, it stimulates a fiber blast to produce collagen, so it’s going to plump up any fine lines and wrinkles and just try smooth everything out. It’s also great for acne scarring, to helping build the pore walls back up to essentially shrink your pores, but it really, really targets those fine lines and wrinkles.

Most people are a candidate for microneedling. We can create a lighter treatment or a stronger treatment based on each client’s particular needs. When you come in for your microneedling session, we’ll put some topical numbing on, and you’ll sit there with that on for about 30 minutes so you’re fully numb and won’t feel a thing. A lot of our patients, knowing it will be a needling device, get a little scared but once you’re in the treatment room you won’t feel a thing. Before your treatment we ask you don’t use any retinol for about a week, we don’t want you doing any excessive exfoliating, no injections in the skin, no botox, no fillers, no anything. Sun isn’t really a problem with this, we ask that you don’t get sun afterwards because you’re going to have a lot of open channels to the skin and we don’t want to have any complications with that.

About a week to ten days after the treatment, we recommend coming in for either a derma plain or another dermal infusion, just to remove all the dead skin on the surface. The treatment does stimulate so much collagen production that after the first week you just feel a little dry and have that build up, so we just want to get that off for you so your skin continues to glow.

With microneedling, you can notice difference after one treatment, but we typically always recommend a series, and you see the best results three to six months after your last treatment, because it takes that time for the collagen to start rebuilding. It’s a quick treatment, most clients feel like they maybe have a mild sunburn for a couple hours after the treatment. But there isn’t a lot of down time. The next day, your face may be slightly pink, but you can put some coverup on it. Once the numbing wears off again it’ll feel like a light sunburn, it can be a little itchy, but there’s really no down time to it and that’s the great thing about this treatment- you see great result with very minimal down time.

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