Different Types of Hair Removal

Hair removal is a highly personal process that’s different for everybody. Personal preference and comfort, cultural and religious beliefs, and even safety can factor into reasons why someone chooses hair removal. With so many techniques available, it can be a challenge to find one that’s effective, efficient, and long-lasting, but Vasu Skin Solutions’ laser hair … Read more

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular ways to eliminate unwanted hair from your body. It provides immediate and long-lasting results, and it’s nearly painless when performed alongside our Zimmer cooling device. Here are answers to some common questions asked about laser hair removal in Denver. So, How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? … Read more

Time to Spring Clean!

… and we’re not talking about cleaning out your closet.

The snow has melted, the flowers are blooming, spring is finally here. I love me some spring cleaning! Cleaning and purging. Getting rid of the clutter. Opening up the windows. Cleaning out the cobwebs and dust bunnies. I don’t know what it is, but I suddenly want to purge myself of all the crap that has been accumulated throughout my house and piled up over the winter. I want to feel light and airy and minimal and tidy. That goes for my body as well.

In the last two days as the weather has been warm and sunny, I have been pulling out my skimpier clothing and have noticed some neglected areas on my body that could use some touch ups. I want to be hair free this summer. Don’t you?? While I was late to laser, mostly because it wasn’t even a thing back in my 20’s, I think it’s one of the great inventions of the 21st century. There is such a difference between the areas I have lasered versus the areas I haven’t. My calves are smooth as silk. My thighs are not. My bikini area is perfect. I never have to break out the razor right before putting on a swim suit, only to leave rashy bumps and an unattractive bikini line. And who, please tell me, finds hairy armpits attractive?!

Consistency matters…

One thing I want share that I have learned about laser, is you must be consistent. Be diligent with your appointments. This is how you will get the best results. The Vasu professionals will map out your appointments so you can catch those growth cycles at the right time and your hair will be gone forever. Hair laser removal does take a series of sessions but you will never have to shave again. And I mean ever.

So this is my advice, don’t just clean out the closet, give yourself a little spring cleaning too! Whether you are going to be in a swimsuit all summer or just shorts, or maybe even a skirt and tank top, surely those areas that have been covered up all winter, will be exposed. And I repeat, the brilliant thing about laser is once you get those hairs lasered, you never have to worry again about unwanted hairs poking out of unsightly places.

By the way, this is a great spring gift for any occasion! Oh and for you men out there, just as you probably don’t find hair poking out of a bikini appealing, we do not find hairy backs attractive… please run and get your laser appointment scheduled. We thank you.

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2016: Commit to Your Skin!

Since the beginning of the new year, almost every person I know is on some sort of cleanse. They have strictly prohibited the following from their diet: alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, dairy, etc. While I respect their ambitious goals, personally I find them hard to keep! This year, commit to your skin: I like to set myself up for success by taking care of my skin, which not only feels like I am doing something good for myself and is a goal that reaps rewards, but it’s also a treat. Not only is it relaxing and beneficial, but I love the ladies at Vasu. It’s a triple whammy in one. Unless, of course, you are getting hair removal – it may not be exactly relaxing, but the results make you feel sexy and smooth.

A Resolution to Keep: Commit to Your Skin

It is not too late to commit to your skin for 2016. It will pay off for years to come. A peel now and then, a laser here and there, a series of IPL’s, it makes for smooth, beautiful, wrinkle free, spot free, hair free, luscious skin. Now that’s a resolution I can keep! How about you?

The Specials Keep Comin’

And look out for the VASU specials. Every month Vasu offers packages at a discount. Whether you are doing chemical peels, a silk peel (I just had one and LOVED it!), or hair removal, it’s always best to buy in packages. Not only are you getting a discount (and who doesn’t like a bargain) but all of these services work best when you do them in a series. So you are committed to taking care of your skin and to getting a deal.

Simple Tips to Add to your New Years Resolutions

WATER! WATER! WATER! I know you’ve heard this a million times. So just do it! Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces. If you are 120lbs, that means drink 60 ounces of water. Water should be your BFF. It is what is sustaining you. Did you know that by the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated? This is one of the single, easiest, free things you can do for your skin, body, health and mind so drink up! In fact, make it a habit to drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning before anything else. This not only helps your skin but helps your brain to respond quicker throughout the day.

Take Omega oils and watch your skin glow. Fish oil is amazing. When I take fish oil consistently, I notice two things immediately. My skin glows and my finger nails grow like weeds. I am always amazed that one daily tablespoon works such wonders.

Lastly, get good skin products for your daily home regime!! I can not stress this enough. I have used products for as long as I can remember and it has paid off. I continue to invest in this simple daily routine and love both the Epionce and Revision line! At night, I use the Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream. Damn that stuff is good. Especially in this dry climate. During the day, I love Revisions Intellishade Broad-Spectrum SPF 45. This stuff rocks! You all know how important sunscreen is. This is the bomb. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

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Manscaping 101

What exactly is ‘Manscaping’? Think landscaping for a guy. Cleaning up those hairy areas? Hairy back? Hairy ass? Who needs those? Women hate those! Planet of the Apes went out of fashion ages ago. What about all those cyclists around town who shave their legs? Why not just permanently remove that hair, no more stubble, no more shaving, no pricking your partner with you stubbly legs. Smooth chest…yum….who doesn’t love a man with a smooth chest? Think David Beckham. There is no way his chest is that smooth without some serious manscaping. And I bet that that is not the only place his body is ultra smooth. Or what about those private areas…yep, I’m talking groin grooming…how about cleaning up those too while you’re at it? Us women have been onto Brazilians for quite some time now and you men have been enjoying the benefits. Well, it’s your turn now. Women like groomed, bare areas just as much as you do. And according to a Gilette commercial there’s an added benefit, “When there’s no underbush, the tree looks taller.” ;-0

How does Vasu manscape? With a laser! “Why laser vs razor,” you ask? I’ll tell you why. Because after a series of sessions, you will never have to do it again. Your hair in those unwanted places will be groomed and gone forever. You will never have that itching, burning feeling or stubble again. You will never have prickly hairs just a day after shaving. You will be as smooth as a babies bum, and you will reap the benefits.

Nervous? Embarrassed? Vasu estheticians are professionals. They have seen it all, done it all, and are experts in the art of manscaping. There is nothing they can’t do or have done. They will make you feel at ease. Manscaping is becoming increasingly more popular and mainstream and in fact, Vasu has been doing it for quite some time.

Whether you do this for yourself, for her, or for him, you won’t regret it. Hairless is SO 21st century. Dare to be bare!

written by NAN GENTRY

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