Why You Should Avoid Microneedling at Home

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IPL Treatment for Pigmentation

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Different Types of Hair Removal

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Skin Treatments for Men

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What Causes Rosacea

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How Many IPL Treatments Does It Take To See Results?

rosacea treatments in Boulder

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a unique and innovative skincare treatment that harnesses the natural power of light to penetrate deep under the skin. Our highly calibrated instrument delivers light therapy to targeted areas only. IPL treatments provide an effective skincare solution in Boulder for several kinds of skin discoloration that, until now, left most … Read more

Common Facial Treatment Steps

If you have never had a facial before, you might be wondering about the experience? While facials can vary somewhat in products used, techniques, and even the personal treatment style of the aesthetician, there are several common elements you can expect at your appointment. Pre-Facial Expect your aesthetician to spend some time talking with you … Read more

Why Vasu?

Dermaplaning in boulder

The Right Medispa: Knowledge. Experience. Results.

Once you decide that you have had enough of the unsightly bushes under your arms, your back or down there, you decide it’s time. Time to remove that hair, permanently, but where do you go? Or maybe you have long considered doing some anti aging treatments but you want to make sure you go to the best place in town, with the most knowledge, experience and results. Well, I am here to tell you why Vasu is the best place to go to for all skin related matters, whether its anti-aging, hair removal or advanced skin care. Here are 10 reasons (in no particular order) why Vasu is the best place in town and you should look no further.

Why Vasu: 10 Excellent Reasons

1) YELP & GOOGLE REVIEWS: Take a look at those YELP & GOOGLE reviews!! Talk about customer satisfaction. It pretty much sums up WHY VASU! See for yourself… VASU YELP & GOOGLE REVIEWS.

2) AFFORDABLE: More affordable than other places in town.

3) CONCERNS: For those of you who have any concerns or hesitations, what is so awesome about the women who run Vasu is that they explain everything. They take you through the whole process. All your questions will be answered and your concerns assuaged.

4) BRIDGES THE GAP: Vasu bridges the gap from a plastic surgeon to a basic esthetician.

5) SANITATION: Clean, sterilized, disinfected. Everything. From the lasers, to the supplies, to the table you lie on, to the floors, even the door handles. They take cleanliness very seriously and it is one of their top priorities. And if you still have any worries, they will be happy to disinfect the lasers for a second time, right before your eyes.

6) LOVE: They LOVE LOVE LOVE what they are doing! It’s infectious! You can just tell that their enthusiasm, and knowledge stems from a love of what they are doing. It really feels good to be in Vasu. They care and it shows. They take a real interest in you, the client and want you to leave there feeling good and happy with the results.

7) ETHNICITY: They take every ethnic background and understand all different skin types. This is VERY IMPORTANT when doing any skin treatments.

8) MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Vasu results are 10000x better than other skin places in town and I am speaking from personal experience both for anti-aging and hair removal. Before Vasu existed, I had my bikini area lasered. It took somewhere between 12-15 times (I lost count) to get the results I had been promised. My legs, however, through Vasu’s state of the art technology and experienced technicians, took only 6x!

9) CUSTOMER SERVICE: I think the Vasu ladies have gone through 5 star hotel training. They are top notch with their customer service. From scheduling, to your appointment, to following up, to everything in between, they leave no stone unturned in the entire process.

10) STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY: Not only do they have state of the art technology but they are constantly staying on top of the latest technology.

Find out for yourself Why Vasu. Once you do, I am confident you will never go anywhere else.

Vasu Skin Solutions in Denver
3195 Blake Street
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Denver, CO 80205

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